Thursday, December 29, 2016

A few portraits

Some are good, some not so much. I like these two..

Both were done in pencil. I like using a drawing kit like this one:

And I use this paper...but I typically draw on the back side of each piece.

My Ebony. He was killed quite tragically on Christmas. He was young and healthy and super sweet. We took him in from my mother when she passed in 2013, he was about 2 years old then. I don't want to talk about how he died, and was not an obvious cause, and its just too soon to talk about it.

He had opened a gift on Christmas in the afternoon, it was a big pink cat filled with catnip. He had some fun with it and had a special dinner. He would lie on his back with his paws up on his chest, he was so happy. I thought he was off sleeping with the others. We didn't know he was missing till later.

We are all heartbroken over the loss of him. He was the youngest of our cats, the friendliest and the absolute coolest. He used to walk on you (and he is heavy) if he wanted you to feed him. He would bite your toes gently to wake you up. He would always be pushing his forehead into you to get him to pet him, or hold him. Sometimes he would run his teeth over you.  He was so sweet, so affectionate.
I tried to paint a portrait of him yesterday, and besides not being thrilled with the outcome of the portrait it was unnerving seeing what my painting was revealing. As an art therapist I felt it would be helpful for me to paint or draw him to process this loss, which seems so unreal.. but the final product is just too revealing for me to share publicly.

We will miss you Ebony. I wish you could come back to us. I can't believe you are gone so soon.

Almost two years later...

I started painting colorful animals at work. I did some for the patients and staff, mostly of elephants doing human things like sitting on benches and skating. I was asked to do a few for various people, gave them away... wish I had a picture of them. Yes I took pictures, but you know there are so many devices to take pictures with these days, and its hard to keep them orderly. So this page has a sampling of some of my colorful animals.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


I've been trying to do these pendants for awhile and was finally able to do them among other things  this weekend. I don't get why I always feel so art deprived.

Demengted ornmaments

These are a few of the ornaments I made in the online Demented class fall 2014. 
 I finished them quickly, but photographing them took me awhile! They are made from light  bulbs, the old fashioned ones. ( Do not cut open one of the new fanged bulbs!) The picture of this first has a fly hanging off the eye thing, its a very cool greenish winged fly. This flash lights up the bulb well so you can see it, but it still isn't a great picture. The eyeball has tentacles (the filament) that ensnare the fly,
This one has a Milagros hanging off the eyeball, and a key. I used a plastic chess pawn for the finial on the bottom, it worked really well.

(BTW my tree is strange looking for many reasons  ... only purple lights, and a handful of ornaments with a Santa hat as the topper. )

The picture above with the skeleton head is a Halloween skeleton head and the suit he is wearing is actually a metal beetle charm, looked so much like a mans suit I couldn't resist. Both are glued onto the filament.

This one reminds me of the one eyed pez dude I made a few years back. She however is a big breasted skeleton chick. She has a crown of some sort but .. can't see it in this picture. This one is more of a shrine meant to sit on the table.  I have to finish her base still.

This one is also a shrine and has the base, but is not done yet.... just chose to photograph her like this since  I can.  That is a hand hanging from the eyeball. The hand is holding a fly that is chained to the eyeball.