Sunday, January 4, 2015


I've been trying to do these pendants for awhile and was finally able to do them among other things  this weekend. I don't get why I always feel so art deprived.

Demengted ornmaments

These are a few of the ornaments I made in the online Demented class fall 2014. 
 I finished them quickly, but photographing them took me awhile! They are made from light  bulbs, the old fashioned ones. ( Do not cut open one of the new fanged bulbs!) The picture of this first has a fly hanging off the eye thing, its a very cool greenish winged fly. This flash lights up the bulb well so you can see it, but it still isn't a great picture. The eyeball has tentacles (the filament) that ensnare the fly,
This one has a Milagros hanging off the eyeball, and a key. I used a plastic chess pawn for the finial on the bottom, it worked really well.

(BTW my tree is strange looking for many reasons  ... only purple lights, and a handful of ornaments with a Santa hat as the topper. )

The picture above with the skeleton head is a Halloween skeleton head and the suit he is wearing is actually a metal beetle charm, looked so much like a mans suit I couldn't resist. Both are glued onto the filament.

This one reminds me of the one eyed pez dude I made a few years back. She however is a big breasted skeleton chick. She has a crown of some sort but .. can't see it in this picture. This one is more of a shrine meant to sit on the table.  I have to finish her base still.

This one is also a shrine and has the base, but is not done yet.... just chose to photograph her like this since  I can.  That is a hand hanging from the eyeball. The hand is holding a fly that is chained to the eyeball.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wand of Protection

These are three monkeys... see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


Fly.... a Demengasablage  (inspired by, and techniques learned from M. Demeng)

The front view shows the little flying boy, he has wings. Below him are the letters FLY down behind the key. He has a light-bulb over his head and down in the bowl there is a metal airplane I found years ago..pointed up like a space shuttle.   The rocks in the base are from friends. Since I do not like to travel I ask my friends to bring me back a small stone from their travels.... so the bowl has stones from all over the United States and the planet. Israel, Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Italy, another from the Black Forest in Germany from Christine, ...  I wish I could remember where they all came from!

The back of the sculpture has a noticeable eye. Its watching... waiting ... but watching to see whoever turns it around.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Pez Fairy w/new high lites

Bottle Fairy Pez

So I took my love of fancy smancy bottles and made it into a Fairy Bottle Pez dispenser. I was at the Pizzeria the other day with my lovely daughter and we had both ordered ice tea. Hers came in a nice heavy glass bottle, mine in a flimsy plastic one. I loved the shape of my bottle but decided when I got home hers was the best choice for this..otherwise I would have to add weight to my flimsy one.
So.. I decided to post a few pictures as I went along..  here they are!
I used this tea bottle, this pez, tape, dap, paint and lots of embellishments. That tool was used to clip off the pez feet so he would fit in the bottle, and to clip the shanks off the buttons and the circle hanger off several charms.

I used masking tape to secure him inside the bottle, I later covered it with DAP.
This is after I pained the bottle white (and the pez) with Gesso. I added many buttons and seashells gluing them on with the DAP. It may be a better idea to use a real glue.. but its holding. I later covered the rest of the bottle with DAP to give it more texture before adding more buttons etc.I also added a layer of wash to see how these guys looked being all the same... and I liked it!

So here I added more buttons and charms. I tried to develop a front since the Pez is secured in there permanetly. I covered the head in DAP, added a premolded face, a seashell crown and wings on the ears.

I added big shells and more buttons to the base because I wanted it to be chunkier. I put little bits of DAP on some of the smoother button surfaces to give them texture.
I then added tiny paper flowers on the top, gluing them on with dap... painting everything with gesso again.
I think she looks pretty good...I have added many acrylic washes to her by now I won't mind keeping her on my end table filled with tasty Pez. Chances are though I will change something on her again very soon.

Those Pez

So everytime I look at my Pez I change them a bit.

And even though I am posting this picture I took a few weeks ago, I know I have changed them since. The Gonzo devil has an arm and a base now... oh well.
 Even these guys look different now. But I tell you I am getting tired of the Deviled Shrimp above. He looks a little better now (not photographed yet) then here. That paint reflects the light so badly.. he was not so purple.